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Aldo Luongo

76 works

Aldo Luongo - A Glass at the Chateau
A Glass at the Chateau
Aldo Luongo - A Glass of Red, A Little Sun and Big Stories
A Glass of Red, A Little Sun and Big Stories
Aldo Luongo - A Good Red Wine
A Good Red Wine
Aldo Luongo - A Sweet Little Port (ORIGINAL)
A Sweet Little Port (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - All Smiles
All Smiles
Aldo Luongo - Amber Light
Amber Light
Aldo Luongo - Artistic
Aldo Luongo - At The Barre
At The Barre
Aldo Luongo - Autumn Hawk at Il Pastaio
Autumn Hawk at Il Pastaio
Aldo Luongo - Ballerina Della Note
Ballerina Della Note
Aldo Luongo - Bar En Sonoma
Bar En Sonoma
Aldo Luongo - Billiards
Aldo Luongo - Bona Sera
Bona Sera
Aldo Luongo - Cafe De Barrio
Cafe De Barrio
Aldo Luongo - Cool
Aldo Luongo - Early Morning Hawk & Sons (ORIGINAL)
Early Morning Hawk & Sons (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - Eucalyptus (ORIGINAL)
Eucalyptus (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - Face of a Ballerina
Face of a Ballerina
Aldo Luongo - Finishing Touches In Red Sweater
Finishing Touches In Red Sweater
Aldo Luongo - Full House & Red Wine
Full House & Red Wine
Aldo Luongo - Gardel's
Aldo Luongo - Girls Night Out
Girls Night Out
Aldo Luongo - Golden Coast
Golden Coast
Aldo Luongo - Guy's Night Out
Guy's Night Out
Aldo Luongo - Harvest
Aldo Luongo - Hawk & Brothers II
Hawk & Brothers II
Aldo Luongo - Hawk & Hawkettes
Hawk & Hawkettes
Aldo Luongo - Hawk and Friends
Hawk and Friends
Aldo Luongo - In The Vineyards
In The Vineyards
Aldo Luongo - Island Days
Island Days
Aldo Luongo - Italian Rooftops
Italian Rooftops
Aldo Luongo - Jeanette Lacing
Jeanette Lacing
Aldo Luongo - Job Hunting
Job Hunting
Aldo Luongo - Jodi
Aldo Luongo - La Isola Del Lago (ORIGINAL)
La Isola Del Lago (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - La Sirena Billiards
La Sirena Billiards
Aldo Luongo - Lacing
Aldo Luongo - Late Afternoon Light
Late Afternoon Light
Aldo Luongo - Latin Jazz I (ORIGINAL)
Latin Jazz I (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - Latin Jazz II (ORIGINAL)
Latin Jazz II (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - Light & Shadows (ORIGINAL)
Light & Shadows (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - Liguria
Aldo Luongo - Lisa's Siesta
Lisa's Siesta
Aldo Luongo - Looking At The Young Fillies
Looking At The Young Fillies
Aldo Luongo - Lovers
Aldo Luongo - Marina Del Sol
Marina Del Sol
Aldo Luongo - Montage
Aldo Luongo - Moonlight Over Provence
Moonlight Over Provence
Aldo Luongo - Morning Walk
Morning Walk
Aldo Luongo - My Soft Purple Dream
My Soft Purple Dream
Aldo Luongo - Night Cap
Night Cap
Aldo Luongo - Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze
Aldo Luongo - Ocean Girl
Ocean Girl
Aldo Luongo - Perfecto
Aldo Luongo - Rainy Day Wilshire Blvd.
Rainy Day Wilshire Blvd.
Aldo Luongo - Reflections
Aldo Luongo - Rendezvous
Aldo Luongo - Santa Barbara Cove
Santa Barbara Cove
Aldo Luongo - Saturday Evening
Saturday Evening
Aldo Luongo - Saturday Night With The Guys (ORIGINAL)
Saturday Night With The Guys (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - Silhouette
Aldo Luongo - Smoke Bar
Smoke Bar
Aldo Luongo - Summer Beach
Summer Beach
Aldo Luongo - Sun, Summer and a Cappuccino
Sun, Summer and a Cappuccino
Aldo Luongo - Sunny
Aldo Luongo - Tango Mio
Tango Mio
Aldo Luongo - Telling Stories At The Bench
Telling Stories At The Bench
Aldo Luongo - The Good Life
The Good Life
Aldo Luongo - The Old and Glorious
The Old and Glorious
Aldo Luongo - Tropical Sun
Tropical Sun
Aldo Luongo - Twilight Tracks
Twilight Tracks
Aldo Luongo - Two Faces of the Hawk
Two Faces of the Hawk
Aldo Luongo - Two Gems
Two Gems
Aldo Luongo - Two Old Timers
Two Old Timers
Aldo Luongo - Watercolors In Laguna (ORIGINAL)
Watercolors In Laguna (ORIGINAL)
Aldo Luongo - Winter Express
Winter Express

Aldo Luongo was born in an Italian family in January 31, 1941, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His father was a soccer player and his uncle was a recognized illustrator. They heavily influenced and inspired his interest in art and sports. In the early 1960s, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. He was very fond of art and soccer. After graduating he came to the U.S. to play professional soccer for the New York Cosmos. His athletic career came to end due to relocations and injuries. He arrived in New York City with a dream to pursue his artwork full time.

In the early 70’s, he had his first major success with multiple reproductions of his black & white drawings. These prints released to great critical acclaim and huge commercial success. Aldo Luongo has earned both critical praise and celebrity collectors. Aldo has put himself on the map as a major international artist. After that he continued his reign at the top of the contemporary art world for almost four decades – a distinction that puts him in a class of his own. Aldo Luongo has received numerous awards and honors. In addition, Aldo Luongo was named official artist for The Olympic Committee at the 1988 Summer Games, has a commissioned work which is displayed in The Kennedy Museum in Boston, and two years in a row was selected to participate in The White House Easter Egg Hunt, where his painted "eggs" are now on display at the world-renowned Smithsonian Museum.

Aldo Luongo captures his subjects in a more direct way. He said – “I attack a canvas like I play soccer – with vigor. Soccer is my counterpoint to painting. While painting, I’m confined, lonely, enmeshed in emotions and self-doubt. Then comes the sweat and focus of a really good game and I feel whole again. Life is a matter of balance”. He expounds his art work as possessing vigor, vibrancy and intense feeling. From his acrylic art to his fine art prints, all of his pieces portray the same sense of intensity. His bold, elegantly impressionistic style of art has often been known as “Romance on Canvas”. Central to all of Luongo's paintings is the equilibrium between memory and hope, sorrow and humor, freedom and control.

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