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Itzchak Tarkay

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Itzchak Tarkay - Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea
Itzchak Tarkay - At The Port
At The Port
Itzchak Tarkay - Blue Mood
Blue Mood
Itzchak Tarkay - Chit Chat
Chit Chat
Itzchak Tarkay - Contemplation
Itzchak Tarkay - Gossip
Itzchak Tarkay - Grace I
Grace I
Itzchak Tarkay - Jaqueline
Itzchak Tarkay - Morning Tea
Morning Tea
Itzchak Tarkay - Quiet Afternoon
Quiet Afternoon
Itzchak Tarkay - Quiet Moment II
Quiet Moment II
Itzchak Tarkay - Red Hat
Red Hat
Itzchak Tarkay - Revere
Itzchak Tarkay - Sisters
Itzchak Tarkay - Small Talk
Small Talk
Itzchak Tarkay - Thoughts of Love
Thoughts of Love
Itzchak Tarkay - Tranquility
Itzchak Tarkay - Waiting

Itzchak Tarkay


B. 1935 - Artist Itzhak Tarkay When only nine years old, Tarkay was sent to Mathausen concentration camp by the Nazis. In 1949 he and his family immigrated to Israel and by 1951 he had received a scholarship to the Bezalel Art Academy. Tarkay has achieved recognition as a leading representative of a new generation of figurative artists. The inspiration for Tarkay’s work clearly lies with French Impressionism. While summing up the characteristics of his model subject without relying on the precise copying of natural forms, or the patient assembling of exact detail, Tarkay's rich tapestry of form and color is achieved through the use of silk-screen painting. Many colors are laid over one another and used to create texture and transparency.


Today, Tarkay is considered to be one of the most influential artists of the early 21st Century and has inspired many artists throughout the globe with his deep thought depiction of the different figures. Many writers had written books about Tarkay and Tarkay art. Kings Wood Art presents the Tarkay art in a significant way which completely suits your home and office décor. We are proud to offer different paintings of some remarkable artists such as Peter Max, Royo, Itzchak Tarkay, Orlando A. Botero, Pino etc., in our gallery.